Quote Day

Here's the start of a new series. I have no rules yet, it's just about quotes and a little bit of pondering about life. This one is from Brainy Quote


Preparation for the MATS Illustrating Children's Books course: You can see the task here. This is the fictional character Birdie set in a scene. She's using her remote control to activate a light beam that shows her the way home. Yes, life is full of wonders. ;-)

Behind the scenes

A new year is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. So, yeah, I've signed up for the MATS Illustrating Children's Books class, which officially starts next week! 

Although I've missed the competition, I gave the exercise a try. We were asked to design a cover for an imaginary book called "The Sugar Plum Fairy's Adventure" and free to choose whatever fairy we liked. Somehow my sugar plum fairy looks very much like a black chimney sweep polar bear. ;-)

a clay model and a collage model

a clay model and a collage model

And here's the finished cover:

It was hard work, but super fun, and I really look forward to this course! Be prepared for more soon...

happy new year!



Happy New Year everyone! 

See you in 2017!

xo, Anja