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On a creative journey.

On a creative journey.

Dear readers,

A warm welcome to youso nice you stopped by!

This blog is about (my) patterns, pictures and inspirations; about learning, because that's what I love doing; and about being creative... every day ... because it just makes happy.

What I believe:

It's good to forget about the big plans from time to time and take a little step in the direction of your dreams. Keep it simple, pour your heart into it and have fun! That's how I work most of the time.  :-)

I believe that creativity is contagious. Choosing a beautiful handmade mug for breakfast or wearing an apron with a simple doodly pattern puts a smile on my face and inspires me to start my creative day.

I hope the patterns and pictures you find here encourage you to take that little step - just today - and be creative.

A little warning ;-)

I'm sure you've noticed that English is not my first language.

Lucky enough, a picture says more than a thousand words, and you'll find lots of pictures here soon. Feel free to tell me, if I get something wrong or you don't understand, I really appreciate it. At least, what you read is exactly what you get when talking to me.

And now ... please come in ... have a look around and get inspired... be an artist today.  And maybe tomorrow as well ... 

xo, Anja