Right Light Hunt

Hello everyone,

This week's Beyond Beyond exercise sent us on a hunt for 'right light' in our homes. I grabbed a glass full of brushes and took pictures by every window and at different times.

It has been a real light-bulb moment for me.

Usually I go for a (dog) walk to take photos. Preferably in the early morning hours to catch the soft morning light. I was really surprised at finding such bright and diverse light at home on a dull February day. 

Here are some examples straight from the camera, no adjustments, just cropped. The evening sun added a lovely peachy glow.

Finding light at home... Karlchen likes to keep an eye on the camera.

Finding light at home... Karlchen likes to keep an eye on the camera.

But you can also add light. I've learned some fabulous tricks using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

  1. The original.  
  2. Added the 'let there be light' Lightroom Preset by Kim Klassen - gorgeous light with just one click!
  3. Adding a gradient in Photoshop - like a blanket of light, the recipe is here.
  4. Following a Photoshop recipe wich includes the sybil texture - it adds a really beautiful yellow-green touch.
  5. Using a radial gradient in Photoshop.
  6. A little bit of radial light added by using the adjustment brush in Lightroom.

By the way, that's no texture in the background, it's just a window that needs cleaning. Lesson learned: I need more bare walls and white curtains without pattern for a neutral background, not easy for a surface pattern designer.  :-)  

P.S. Fellow Beyonders, I so look forward to visiting all your lovely links, better than Pinterest any day! Happy clicking...

xo, Anja