Pattern Walk - April 2013

Dear Pattern Lovers,

Inspiration is everywhere, and soo easy to overlook... How about taking a Pattern Walk with your camera in hand and capturing (potential) patterns?

I'll post a fresh Pattern Walk every month. If you like to join in, feel free to share a link to your photos/blog post in the comments below.

I'd love to see your pattern snapshots!


April 2013 edition - A little magazine and plenty of green.

The year-long Beyond Beyond class I'm taking had a nice challenge last week: to look at magazines and get inspired by the layout and use of typography.

I've combined the challenge with April's Pattern Walk: Here's the first Pattern Walk Mini Magazine for you. It's just a fun Photoshop/Lightroom exercise, I still need much more practice, and please don't take the text too serious :-) 

Nevertheless, I hope you find the time to take a closer look at all different greens in nature, aren't they gorgeous? Time to create a new pattern...

I wish you all a happy & creative day

xo, Anja