Pattern Walk - June 2013

Dear Pattern Lovers,

Inspiration is everywhere, and soo easy to overlook... How about taking a Pattern Walk with your camera in hand and capturing (potential) patterns?

I'll post a fresh Pattern Walk every month. If you like to join in, feel free to share a link to your photos/blog post in the comments below.

I'd love to see your pattern snapshots!


June 2013 edition - Plenty of summer rain, making it's own patterns. The flowers are adapting.


Even when the sky is dark, colours are astonishingly bright and the leaves are shining. I let the strawberries grow 'wild' between other plants, it's such a pretty sight. They seem to be happy with it.

Strawberry harvest soon... 

Strawberry harvest soon... 

Bright colours in the rain

Bright colours in the rain

How about a rain pattern today? What would yours look like? 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather, wherever you are. 

xo, Anja